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FLEX Max Pro

Based on Android, Newline OS 3.0 defines a new "Cloud UC + Terminal + Space" UI. Even without any OPS module, you can directly use the local and remote conferencing collaboration functions after booting up.

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NCM 2 Series

From your laptop, wirelessly share the current state of tasks you are stuck on, let your team share their ideas on it via touch and interaction with the content on display, thereby bringing the much-needed solution to your project as a whole.

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4K PTZ Video Camera

NewEye PTZ 4K

True Lossless PTZ Conferencing Experience - NewEye PTZ 4K's AI algorithm can fully utilize its 4K sensor, second eye (dual camera) and voice tracking capabilities to deliver a stunning meeting experience.

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PTZ Video Camera

NewEye PTZ

Flexible Lossless PTZ Conferencing Experience - With true optical zoom and fluidly mechanized movements, NewEye PTZ allows for precise tracking and highlighting of all relevant actions in every meeting.

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Ultra-Clear Webcam


Perfect Showcase for a Successful Business Meeting - NewEye does not simply put your team onstage, it also makes sure every action and expression is covered in full detail.

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Wired Speakerphone

NewPie Pro

Daisy-chained speakerphone - Scalable noiseless voice coverage from 215 square feet (10 people), all the way up to 1400 square feet (60 people), ensuring pristine two-way communication in small, medium and large conference spaces

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Speakerphone with Hub

NewPie Dock

NewPie Dock features a new technology that combines Speakerphone, AI Noise - Canceling Mics and USB Hub capabilities into one compact box.

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Wireless Speakerphone


Portable Meeting Companion — NewPie does not simply playback stuff, it brings your original audio content to life by reproducing it with utmost purity.

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Headset with Microphone


Taking Out Noise from your Call — NewCoo is the magic wand that waves away all those pesky distractions, disconnecting you from the outer world.

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Headset with Microphone

NewCoo Mono

Taking Out Noise from your Call — Single ear USB headset is equipped with advanced Qualcomm DSP and ENC chips, which improves the voice clarity and reproduces natural human voice.

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wireless earbuds


Amazing Audio Experience - Crystal clear highs and lows. Remains undistorted even at the highest volume level

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  • Red Dot Award - Product Design 2023

    Newline Flex Max Pro was recognized for its high-end design and quality.

  • iF Design Award 2021

    Newline Flex was recognized in the Product Discipline, Office Product category.

  • Intel IoT Solutions Alliance

    Intel named Newline Interactive their Partner of the Year in 2019 for the collaborative efforts of the team and our Intel Market Ready Solutions.