Newline & Stanford University, USA

The Stanford Chemistry Department seeks to explore and push the boundaries of modern chemistry. Their complex consists of 7 buildings and maintains a strong focus on using the most up to date innovations in their classrooms and labs.


Stanford’s Chemistry department needed a more interactive and collaborative tool for their undergraduate and graduate classrooms. Projectors and regular whiteboards were too outdated for the advances in technology that Stanford strives to obtain for their students’ education.


Newline installed a TruTouch 840 in the Stanford Chemistry Department’s main Chemistry wing for their teachers to test out and integrate into their lesson plans. The state-of-the-art touchscreen interfaces included internet access, mapping, annotation, printing, emailing and the ability to record lectures all from a single interactive screen.


Graduate assistants and professors utilized the interactivity and collaborative tools of the TRUTOUCH and IdeaMax to improve student engagement in the classroom. The non-proprietary system design enables all device types to connect and collaborate efficiently and easily. These interactive elements increased student engagement and satisfaction with the Stanford Chemistry Department classes they attend