University of Washington, USA

University of Washington’s College of Built Environments focuses on teaching students art, history, craftsmanship and technical skills. Their departments of study range from Architecture to Real Estate to Urban Design & Planning and more.


The goal of the College of Built Environments is to produce graduates who can lead the industry and contribute significantly to improving issues of urbanism and sustainability. Across their 4 research labs and 6 research centers, their faculty and students seek innovative solutions to these issues. They were looking for an easy-to-use interactive whiteboard to fill a 12-seat conference room. They hoped a simple display could improve lectures, seminars and webinars.


A TRUTOUCH X7 interactive display was installed to fill their conference room. Newline’s cutting edge interactive whiteboard allow for easier, one touch video-conferencing through programs like Skype and WebEx, as well as saving annotated images drawn during classes and meetings. The easy to use interactive display also came with internet access, mapping, printing, emailing and recording capabilities.


The College of Built Environments have already been able to integrate the TRUTOUCH X7 into a wide range of different uses. Not only do they use the interactive display for regular lectures, webinars and seminars, they also use the video-conferencing features for interviews and to add presentations from remote presenters. The faculty and student both love how easy the TRUTOUCH X7 is to use, they plan to purchase additional units soon to start filling other classrooms.

“People here have found the X7 to be very easy to use – so easy that they often do not need assistance from local technical support. This of course means that those of us doing technical support like the X7 a lot!” -Mark Baratta, Computing Director